Course curriculum

  1. Welcome to Baketography

  2. Understanding Digital Content Creation

  3. Recipe Development

  4. How to submit Practice Assignment For Feedback

  5. Backend Management: Organizing Lightroom & Dropbox

  6. Getting Organized

About this course

  • $777.00
  • 48 lessons
  • Multiple payment options available

Change your trajectory, starting today

Learn how to take recipe/tutorial based photography with your CELL PHONE (no dslr) needed, learn my step by step processes for recipe development and setting up your back end functions. I walk through start to finish of starting and launching a content selling business with live monthly coaching.

Pricing options

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  • Can I get my money back at any time?

    Due to the digital nature of this product, NO REFUNDS will be given.

  • Do you guarantee I will make more money?

    I can not guarantee anything, however students that complete the course and practice it on a consistent basis have had success.

  • If I need extra help do you offer coaching?

    Yes you can book a 1 hour 1:1 coaching call with me for $199.